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Fraud Recordings Press Text

The second Release on Fraud Recordings for 2008 will come up again with a guaranteed floor filler from our main artist Tomic aka Thomas Wagner. 'Taktgefühl' what means in English 'tactfulness' proves again as a great straight progressive track, which fulfil the direction of the label 'Fraud Recordings' and as well his good grasp in regard to actual top qualified stuff for floors around the globe. The 'Original' track impressed mainly with groovy beats paired with actual and as well trendsetting sounds and a drifty overall impression

The Sascha Flux Remix is more or less a kind of a mixture of progressive and electro style which gives the track a completely different impression with fresh sounds and grooves as well. Even though there are nearly used the same sounds as in the original one you will be impressed about of the different impression given by this great and successful kind of playing and arranging style...
Fraud Recordings is much attired in the founded new talents 'Sascha Flux' and 'Nick da Cruz' from which we are expecting hopefully very soon new stuff for other releases on 'Fraud'...
In summary the whole package will impress by the diversity of construe different feelings and styles of a single original file which has been assured us for a slammer for sure.


Tomic - Taktgefühl EP // Fraud Recordings Fraud Recordings Logo
(Original Mix // Sascha Flux Remix)
Cat.No.: FR007
Format: Vinyl / CD / Download
Releasedate: 11th of june 2008

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The 12" Vinyl Release charted number 1 in the ProgHouse Release Charts on Juno Records within one week!
Sold out by now!

Taktgefuehl in the Juno Records Charts


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