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Baroque Records Press Text - "Makau feat Kagl - Je Pense EP"

Following their last hot creation on Workout, we were quick to snap up this latest offering from Makau & Kagl to Baroque.

Je Pense - Makau feat. Kagl (Original Mix)
Moving off with the original mix, and its toned bassline, squelching synths and sharp percussion this one really motors along.
Delayed female vocal lines and tweaked drums lift the track again as this one builds and drops to dramatic effect.

Je Pense - Makau feat. Kagl (Sascha Flux Remix)
The Sascha Flux remix uses big tuned drums from the start, as the layers build, then melody enters amidst a flurry of screaming risers.
Built around a solid groove this one too rises and falls for a drumatic excursion.

Je Pense - Makau feat. Kagl (Flowbox Remix)
The Flowbox remix gets right to it from the off, with a meaty bassline which works perfectly alongside the main hook. With toughened up drums and some cool hollow pads the track drops into a bass & broken beat breakdown before the whippy bass and clanky synths take over.


Makau feat. Kagl - Je Pense EP // Baroque Records
Baroque Records - Logo(Original Mix // Flow Box Remix // Sascha Flux Remix)
Cat.No.: BARQDIGI079
Format: Download
Release Date: 20th august 2012

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