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Home Mixes Sascha Flux - Hitzeflimmern (Promomix 03/2009)

Sascha Flux - Hitzeflimmern (Promomix 03/2009)

Hitzeflimmern is dedicated to the very special feeling on a melting-hot, deep and twisted sunday afternoon festival dancefloor.

Coming in a long 100min mix, 'Hitzeflimmern' takes it's time to get you in the mood.
It starts off nearly in a deep-house direction, smooth but with a strong progressive touch right from the start. From there it goes trough different styles such as prog-house and prog-trance aswell as some more minimal parts with a pinch of electrotrance... and with a long build up, the mix gets some more energy and takes you a step higher to the end.
The whole mix follows a kind of deep direction, but as it's a daytime set, i gave it a hypnotic touch and a decent uplifting feel. (no cheese added!)

I hope you like it. As always, feedback is welcome. Enjoy the music:)

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Sascha Flux - Hitzeflimmern (Promomix mar09)
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