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Sascha Flux - Dozz / Twisted Frequencies Vol.7

Related Label
Twisted Frequency - England
Baroque Rec - England
Attitude Recordings - Canada
Dezign Music - Greece
Fraud Rec - Germany

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Latest News

Electronica at Club ReLax

Playing in Cologne on the 25th of march 2011

Flyer - Electronica at Club ReLaxI'll be playing again at the Club ReLax in Cologne on the 25th of march together with my mate Götzlich (Switchbox / Sprout Music) and resident dj Thorsten Reydt.



Sascha Flux - Nightliner (Promomix 03/2011)

The first official studiomix for 2011. A proper peaktimer with strong nighttime sounds.
Starts off with a nice pumping groove and gets more and more kicking with a deeper note to the end.

If the player doesn't work on your device, try it here

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New site design supported by Pezoid

'Vom blauen Wunder und dem der nichts mehr merkte'

New website backgroundThat's the title of the extraordinary artwork which i used for the new background design of my site.
The original picture is handpainted with uv acrylic paint on canvas by the artist Pezoid.

I like this artwork a lot and I'm very thankful that i can use it for my site. Thx bro!

'Vom blauen Wunder und dem der nichts mehr merkte' by Pezoid
(click for fullscreen)

For more information about Pezoid and his art, please visit his website [www.pezoid.de]


Fördertum EP - Release announced

Fördertum EP including Sascha Flux Rmx

Plusquam HQ announced that the Förderturm EP hits stores on the 12th of december 2010.

I'm really happy to send this lifesign into the musicmarket, as it has been quite some time since the last track of mine got released.
Mainly because I'm hiding in the back, learning and constantly working on my first Artist Album to be released on Plusquam Division... but that is another story.

Foerderturm EP - Coverart

That deep hypnotic groove...

This EP includes the Tobi Monotona orginal version which is keeping the solid groove close to the ground. With it's subtle progression it keeps building up slowly and out of a sudden, you find yourself in that deep hypnotic groove.

Modified to the max ...

The Sascha Flux Rmx goes into a very different direction,

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Press- and Promo-Kit to download

Download the presskit below, to get everything a promoter or organiser needs for a booking or for the promotion.

This presskit contains:

- Artist pictures for print in high resolution
- Artist pictures in different sizes for online promotion
- Press-Texts in english and german in various sizes
- Recordlabel logo graphics
- Listing of shortfacts
- info about how to put the name/record label on flyer or poster etc.
- Email Contact

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If you need a software to unzip the folder, my recommendation is the free and open source software '7zip'


Sascha Flux at Distillery Leipzig

Playing on the 22nd of january 2011 in Leipzig again

Distillery-TypoLogoAs the oldest house and techno club in East Germany is the Distillery the first point in Leipzig's scene, when it comes to sophisticated electronic music.

Hotspot of Leipzig's underground

The Distillery is one of the fifteen largest and most influential techno clubs in Germany. As one of the oldest active clubs with 17 years on the belt, it enjoys nationwide reputation since many years.

Constantly High Quality

Many national and international artists have been invited to host - from Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin and many more. Besides pure DJ sets, there are live acts and 

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Sascha Flux Biography

'Sascha Flux' (Twisted Frequency | Attitude Recordings)                         Read German Version

Sascha had his stage debut back in 1998 at the 'Backyard Club', a popular hotspot for excellent electronic music on the now infamous party-island of Koh PhaNgan in Thailand. After a very short time he became a resident and played more than 50 gigs at this unique venue, aswell as at some of their very special parties deep in the jungle or on secret beaches all around the island.

Backyard Pix

He quickly made himself a well know name in the progressive dance scene of Koh PhaNgan and eastern Thailand, resulting in a residency at Paradise Bungalows, the place where the worldwide known Fullmoon-Party once began. These experiences with internationally mixed up crowds in some really special moments, gave his dj-ing a very special note, and this eventually helped him to soon become a well known dj in Germany aswell.

KohPhaNgan Pix

Now after more than 15 Years on stage, he played countless gigs in different kind of clubs, parties or festivals all over Germany aswell as in Austria (Vienna,Salzburg), Switzerland (Zuerich), Italy (Rome), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Israel (Tel Aviv), Indonesia (Bali), Thailand (Koh PhaNgan/Koh Tao/Bangkok), Hungary and many other places.
Also his gigs at well known festivals such as the Fusion Festival or Wonderland Festival proove his great variety.

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