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Twisted Frequency - England
Baroque Rec - England
Attitude Recordings - Canada
Dezign Music - Greece
Fraud Rec - Germany
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Factsheet (aug.2014)

DJ Shortfacts

01.| Artist Name
Sascha Flux

02.| Aliasses & Sideprojects
AudioFeed : Sideproject (Tech House & Minimal Techno)
freeKey-Service : DJ- & Producer-Team with Sascha Flux & Götzlich (Ellum Audio/Sprout Music)

03.| Number of Gigs
approx. 500

04.| DJ Career Milestones
1998 - Start of the dj career at the Backyard Club (Koh PhaNgan, Thailand)
1999 - First gig at the Fullmoon Party (HaadRin Beach, Koh PhaNgan, Thailand)
2000 - Millenium Party (HaadRin Beach, Koh PhaNgan, Thailand)
2001 - Sascha Flux at Double6 (Bali, Indonesia)
2002 - Fullmoon Afterparty with Sven Väth at the Backyard Club (Koh PhaNgan, Thailand)
2005 - Sascha Flux at Metaverso Club (Rome, Italy)
2006 - Sascha Flux (Headliner) at Maxim Club (Tel Aviv, Israel)
2007 - Antaris Festival (Germany)
2007 - Sascha Flux at Kinky Beats (Zuerich, Switzerland)
2007 - Sascha Flux at Juice Club (Hamburg, Germany)
2007 - Sascha Flux at Cantina (Frankfurt, Germany)
2007 - Sascha Flux (Headliner) at Club Camera (Vienna, Austria)
2007 - Sascha Flux at Sargfabrik (Vienna, Austria)
2008 - Sascha Flux at Nordstern (Buelach, Switzerland)
2008, 2007 - Sascha Flux at Butan Club (Wuppertal, Germany)
2009, 2007 - Fusion Festival (Germany)
2009 - Sascha Flux & Leif Hatfield at Studio 80 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
2009 - Sascha Flux (Headliner) at Juice Club (Hamburg, Germany)
2009 - Sascha Flux (Headliner) at The Cave (Salzburg, Austria)
2009 - Sascha Flux (Headliner) at Kuehlhaus (Flensburg,Germany)
2010 - Indian Spirit Festival (Germany)
2010 - Sascha Flux (Headliner) at TWENTYone MU2IC-CLUB (Soest, Germany)
2010, 2009, 2008 Sascha Flux (Headliner) at The Zoo (Hasselt, Belgium)
2011, 2010 2008 Sascha Flux (Headliner 2nd Stage) at Distillery (Leipzig, Germany)
2012, 2007, 2006, 2005 - Spirit Base Festival (Austria & Hungary)
2013 - Headliner at Gleis 9 (Bremen, Germany)
2015, 2014 - Meeresrausch Festival (Usedom, Germany)
2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 - Sascha Flux at Techno Con Carne (Cologne, Germany)
2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, - Hai in den Mai Festival (Germany)
2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 - Wonderland Festival (Germany)

05.| Label DJ for following labels
Sascha Flux

Twisted Frequency (England):
Attitude Recordings (Canada);

Dezign Music (Greece);
Prima! Platten (Germany);

06.| Organisations & Residencies
1998 till 2004 Resident DJ at the 'Backyard-Club'(Koh PhaNgan, Thailand)
2000 till 2004 Resident DJ at the 'Original FullMoon Party' (Koh PhaNgan, Thailand)
2001 till 2008 Head of 'Synergy-Tribe', a non-profit event organisation & artist collective based in Germany with international dj's, live-acts, video- & deco-artists.
2009 till 2010 Head of 'SubTech Sessions', an event-series with guest dj's & live acts such as Max Cooper, Broombeck, James Harcourt, SQL and many more.
2011 till NOW - Resident DJ at 'Techno Con Carne', an event-series with guest dj's & live acts such as Pig & Dan, John Graham aka Quivver, Wehbba, Maetrik, Switchbox and many more.
2013 till NOW - Resident DJ and Co-Organiser at 'Backyard-Beatz', a new event-series in Germany with Lars Wickinger as first guest artist... more to come!

Producer Shortfacts

01.| Discography
2008 Sascha Flux - Never Trust The Drugweib EP
(incl D.Mag Remix) on Dezign Music (Greece)
- available as download
Tomic - Taktgefühl EP (incl Sascha Flux Remix) on Fraud Recordings (Germany)
- available as vinyl & download (Vinyl made it to No1 in the ProgHouse Sales Charts at Juno Records/UK)
2008 Sascha Flux - Plateau Playground EP
(incl Tapwatr Remix & Hidra Remix) on Attitude Recordings (Canada)
- available as download
Tobi Monotona - Fördertum EP (incl Sascha Flux Remix) - Plusquam Division (Germany)
- available as download
Makau & Kagl - Je Pense EP (incl Sascha Flux Remix) - Baroque Records (England)
- available as download
2014 Sascha Flux - Thickness EP (incl. Thickness(original) & Start Over(original)) - Twisted Frequency Rec (England)

02.| Related Label
Twisted Frequency
Baroque Records
Plusquam Division
Attitude Recordings
Fraud Recordings
Dezign Music
Prima! Platten
Galore Music
Prestige Music

White Label Records
Babylon Records



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Next Gigs

Sascha Flux @ Treibgut + Sonnendeck WarmUp w. AudioFeed


MS Treue On the first weekend of the Breminale, the MS Treue will start during daytime on the 'Sonnendeck' with groovy daytime sounds served by AudioFeed. Afterwards it's Treibgut under Deck with Sascha Flux behind the decks.More infos will follow soon!meanwhile check out

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